RSC12C – 417 Cool Breeze Condenser 703112251- DOMETIC

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Model:RSC12C – 417 Cool Breeze Condenser 703112251

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The Dometic CoolBreeze RSC Condenser 12,000 BTU/h – 230 V/60 Hz provides an efficient and compact solution to exterior deck areas which may be too hot to enjoy during warmer weather. Operating automatically according to the ambient temperature, the CoolBreeze blows high-velocity jets of chilled air directly on people, enhancing enjoyment of outdoor dining, lounge areas and sport-fishing decks. To maintain the vessel’s aesthetic appeal, CoolBreeze uses 3 in. (76 mm) PVC conduit that is easily hidden, leaving only the one-inch adjustable air nozzles visible. At the heart of the CoolBreeze system is the RSC12 condensing unit which provides 12,000 BTU/h of cooling.