VECU18 KZ50-HV-410A 220/50/1 Machinery & Electronics Cooling

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Model: DTU16 – 410A – 7MR 220/60/1

Category: VECU18 KZ50-HV-410A 220/50/1 Machinery & Electronics Cooling

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P/N: 202000619


VECU18 KZ50-HV-410A 220/50/1 Machinery & Electronics Cooling

The Vectronic air conditioning system is specifically designed to cool on-board electronics and

other equipment to prevent critical components from overheating which could lead to device failure

or fire safety issues.

The Vectronic is a water-cooled self-contained A/C system with a capacity of 18,000 BTUs. Its

custom digital controller and circuit board are mounted to the unit and provide precise operation to

maintain ideal temperatures.

Installation is simple, with no ducting required. Just hook up plumbing and power. The rotatable

blower lets you direct air flow where it is needed most.

The compact unit can fit easily under consoles, in engine rooms, and other locations where

equipment cooling is required. Its marine-optimized design includes a stainless-steel drain pan

with three drain points for rapid removal of condensate water. A built-in sound cover reduces

compressor noise by up to 50%.